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Bubble Wrap
Bubble Wrap is the most versatile protective packaging available. It is flexible enough to go around small and fragile items and large enough to cover and protect large bulky items. As a leading Perth packaging company located in Bibra Lake, Vital Packaging is one of the largest suppliers of bubble wrap in Perth. Bubble wrap can be manufactured to suit every packing need.

Our bubble wrap rolls come in a standard size of 1.5m x 100m. Bubble wrap rolls can be slit down to smaller widths in the manufacturing process. At Vital Packaging, we stock an extensive range of bubble wrap rolls in a variety of widths: 300mm, 375mm, 500mm, 750mm and 1.5m. Perforations can also be manufactured into the bubble wrap to make it easy to use, tear off the amount required, no knives or scissors required.

The diameter of air bubbles come in 10mm, 20mm and 32mm. Our bubble wrap rolls can be manufactured in economy grade, standard grade, heavy duty, double sided, antistatic bubble, kraft lined and oxo biodegradable eco bubble.

As a leading Perth packaging company, we strive to provide the best pricing and the best quality of protective packaging products. All our friendly staff are trained with protective packaging product knowledge and applications. If you have any queries regarding bubble wrap and protective packaging product requirements please give us a call and ask for one of our friendly sales team.
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