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Coffee Cups
Vital Packaging is a leading Perth packaging company, located in Bibra Lake. Vital Packaging stocks an extensive range of coffee cups and cup accessories for coffee-to-go and take-away food industries. At Vital Packaging, our famous ripple wrap coffee cup has a unique corrugated paper wrapping like no other. The unique design includes a corrugated paper wrapping which provides increased hand-comfort and heat insulation to avoid the risk of spillage and burning.

At Vital Packaging, our premium coffee cup is also an excellent tool for making your business stand out in today’s competitive coffee-to-go world. Our coffee cups can be printed up to 5 colours using the offset printing process and coffee cups are also available in a glossy high shine variety for instant brand appeal.

As a leading Perth packaging company, Vital Packaging strives to provide the best pricing and best quality coffee cups. Vital Packaging carries various sizes of coffee cups in store so you can purchase at any time during business hours. What’s even better, Vital Packaging sells coffee cups by the sleeve so you can purchase coffee cups for personal use. We also have cups for cold drinks, hot soups and all other useful accessories to make your customer experience effortless and memorable.

At Vital Packaging all our friendly staff are trained with knowledge of coffee cups and their applications. If you have any queries regarding coffee cups please give us a call and ask to speak to one of our friendly sales team.
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