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Tapes, Dispensers & Adhesives
Specialty Tape

Code Name Description UOM Price * Qty Req'd
TAPPVC12B PVC Tape - Black 12mm x 66m 144/ctn Roll $2.00
TAPPVC12BR PVC Tape - Brown 12mm x 66m 144/ctn Roll $2.00
TAPPVC12DB PVC Tape - Dark Blue 12mm x 66m 144/ctn Roll $2.00
TAPPVC12G PVC Tape - Green 12mm x 66m 144/ctn Roll $2.00
TAPPVC12LB PVC Tape - Light Blue 12mm x 66m 144/ctn Roll $2.00
TAPPVC120 PVC Tape - Orange 12mm x 66m 144/ctn Roll $2.00
TAPPVC12R PVC Tape - Red 12mm x 66m 144/ctn Roll $2.00
TAPPVC12O PVC Tape - Red (Machine Roll) 12mm x 300m 50/ctn Roll $5.60
TAPPVC12W PVC Tape - White 12mm x 66m 144/ctn Roll $2.00
TAPPVC12Y PVC Tape - Yellow 12mm x 66m 144/ctn Roll $2.00
TAPPVC18DB PVC Tape - Dark Blue 19mm x 66m 96/ctn Roll $2.85
TAPPVC25W PVC Tape - White 25mm x 66m 72/ctn Roll $2.50
TAPDIS22 Bag Neck Sealer t/s 12mm PVC Tape ea $28.00
TAPDIS26E Bag Neck Sealer t/s 18mm PVC Tape ea $78.00
TAPDIS30 Bag Neck Sealer (Giant) Wide Throat t/s 19mm PVC Tape ea $115.00
TAPDUC4170 Protection Tape - Black (Heavy Duty) 24mm x 30m 36/ctn Roll $14.35
TAPSEL21430 Protection Tape - Black 24mm x 66m 36/ctn Roll $4.90
TAPSEL21425 Protection Tape - Black 48mm x 66m 24/ctn Roll $16.50
TAPISO2907/72 Isolation Tape - Black (Pipe Wrap) 72mm x 33m 16/ctn Roll $26.00
TAPISO9651482 Isolation Tape - Black (Pipe Wrap) 96m x 30m 8/ctn Roll $34.65
TAPSEL21427 Protection Tape - Black 100mm x 66m 8/ctn Roll $22.00
TAPSTA4724/12 Stationery Tape - Clear 12mm x 66m 12/box 144/ctn Roll $1.18
TAPSTA4725/18 Stationery Tape - Clear 18mm x 66m 8/box 96/ctn Roll $1.54
TAPSTA4726/24 Stationery Tape - Clear 24mm x 66m 6/box 72/ctn Roll $2.09
TAPDIS40 Stationery Tape Dispenser ea $8.00
TAPMAG200 Magic Mending / Invisible Tape 12mm x 12.7m Roll $1.50
TAPANT0200 Anti-Slip Tape - Black 600mm x 20mm 6/pk pk $4.95
TAPHAZ75 Barrier Tape - Black/Yellow Stripe (Non Adhesive) 75mm x 60m Roll $22.00
BARRASB75 Barrier Tape - "Danger Asbestos Dust Hazard" (Non Adhesive) 75mm x 60m Roll $22.00
TAPELE18Y Electrical Tape - Yellow (Lead Free) 18mm x 20m 120/ctn 10/pk Roll $1.50
TAPREF50 Reflective Tape - Class 1 (Various Colours) 50mm x 45.7m 6/ctn Roll $168.00
TAPREF51 Reflective Tape - Class 2 (Red/White Stripe) 50mm x 45.7m 6/ctn Roll $110.00
TAPWAT6048 Water Activated Tape - Brown 48mm x 184m 15/ctn Roll $5.60
TAPALL361-11 Multi Purpose Repair Tape Waterproof 48mm x 10m 12 roll/ctn Roll $16.80
* Exclusive of 10% Goods & Services Tax (GST)
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