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Strapping Tape
Palletising Tapes Our Palletising Tape is a Tensilised Polypropylene Black Tape (U.V. resistant). It is very high tensile designed to hold or support heavy weight, has a low tack adhesive, so it will not leave a residue,damage cartons or printing on cartons it is wrapped around. Our Palletising Tape gets it's adhesive strength by being wrapped around back onto & stuck on itself. * Unit quantity / price as below. * Carton quantity / price on request.
Code Name Description UOM Price * Qty Req'd
TAPFIL12C Filament Tape - Cross Weave 12mm x 45m 72/ctn Roll $2.31
TAPFIL19C Filament Tape - Cross Weave 18mm x 45m 48/ctn Roll $4.30
TAPFIL25C Filament Tape - Cross Weave 25mm x 45m 36/ctn Roll $5.00
TAPFIL38CW Filament Tape - Cross Weave 36mm x 45m 24/ctn Roll $7.00
TAPFIL50A Filament Tape - Cross Weave 50mm x 45m 24/ctn Roll $12.00
TAPPAL1288 Palletising Tape - Black 12mm x 66m 144/ctn Roll $1.90
TAPPAL1988 Palletising Tape - Black 19mm x 66m 96/ctn Roll $3.00
* Exclusive of 10% Goods & Services Tax (GST)
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